About US

Can’t find them? We can solve this problem for you, thanks to our experience, technology and systems.

One of the most significant difficulties that many creditors experience is trying to collect their debts when their debtors have disappeared.

Without knowledge and systems, debtors can be almost impossible to find and the effort and expense of searching may end up being waste of time and money.

We have access to a variety of search tools including internet data, people locators,

 cross reference directories, etc. We can help you locate people and companies; identify corporate offices and trace their home address; search for judgements, sequestrations, etc. If we cannot find what you are looking for, We will not charge for our efforts.

Our service is utilized by individuals, small business owners, law firms, credit departments, as well as large companies.

We have special rates based on a contingency basis for attorneys, insurance companies and other stake holders.

JP Credit Solutions has invested in the tools needed to trace your debtors. Our trace agents are some of the most experienced in the business and they are all equipped with the latest technology and software necessary to ensure the highest quality results in the quickest possible time – turnaround time can be as quick as just 24 hours!